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Oct 2014

A quick look at user experience (UX)

Think about the last product or service you used. Maybe it was a health and wellbeing app or an online pharmacy website.

Now think about your experience. What was the quality of your interaction? Did the product or service identify with your needs and values? Did it offer you a solution to a particular problem?

Chances are if it was developed with the user in mind, your experience was a positive one.

How a user feels when using a product or service is known as user experience or UX.

UX is typically thought of as visual and interface design. But there's a whole lot more to UX, including field research, information architecture, copywriting, prototyping and user testing, among others. Best-practice development is cyclical in nature, following a process of learning, thinking, making, and then repeating the process as many times as needed. Each step acknowledges the user, with the goal of creating the best possible experience for them.

UX can be applied to non-digital products too, such as printed patient materials and educational presentations for healthcare professionals.

If you're thinking about developing a product or service but aren't sure where to start, let the experts at ZEST help you create a strategy to enhance user experience and reach your target audience!

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