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May 2015

Webcast - a simple addition for your HCP education meetings!

We were recently asked by a client what we could do for GPs who were unable to attend their face-to-face RACGP accredited meetings – a problem that many GPs face due to timing, location, travel and other commitments. So that GPs could still participate without being physically present, we proposed an online meeting option through the provision of a webcast.


Doctors are officially digitally engaged

A recent infographic www.pmlive.com/pharma_intelligence/infographic_digitally-native_hcps_544275 demonstrated that doctors are changing the way they use digital technology. Over 51% are now relying on digital interactions for their profession, so there is great potential in communicating with HCPs using this format.


What do I need for a webcast?

Depending on the type of broadcast chosen, here are some things to consider:

  • Web portal or microsite – a password-protected area for users to access the webcast and to house presentation videos, notes and evaluation forms.
  • Filming and streaming the content for broadcast via the portal.
  • Audience participation – live voting poll and Q&A session.

Of course, these are merely the basics and the possibilities to be leveraged from webcast events are many, including post meeting summary eDMs, rep follow up, re-packaging content for other marketing initiatives and building an enduring web-based education resource.

Our industry is continually changing and we need to adapt the way we build satisfied and loyal clients. By becoming more responsive to your HCPs through sharing relevant knowledge and information with them in more collaborative ways, you will be likely to sustain more rewarding relationships that build trust and equity.

So go ahead and go virtual... your HCPs will thank you!

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