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Jun 2015

MA Code of Conduct 18: An update

A new version of the Medicines Australia (MA) Code of Conduct is here! Keep reading to find out what’s new in Edition 18 and how the changes may affect you and your company.

Code of Conduct Edition 18: What’s new?

Transparency reporting

From 1 October 2015, activities such as consulting fees, sponsorship of a healthcare professional (HCP) to attend an educational event and fees paid to a HCP in their role as Ad Board members, among other activities, must be reported by companies.

Product familiarisation programs (PFPs)

Trade packs can now be supplied if the product is dispensed through a pharmacy or other authorised dispensary or dispenser.

Collection of individual patient data is also allowed if the PFP is set up in a manner that enables the rigorous collection of individual patient data under a formal protocol.

Electronic and audiovisual media

Text that is given prominence in printed pieces (e.g. qualifying statements, PBS information, etc.) should be similarly prominent in electronic and audiovisual media including e-Detail Aids.

To view the full Code, Guidelines and Summary of amendments, visit: https://medicinesaustralia.com.au/code-of-conduct/code-of-conduct-current-edition/

The Code in practice

At ZEST, we value the importance of the Code and what it means for our clients. All staff undergo MA Code training as part of their induction as well as ongoing training in-line with Code updates to ensure the information pharma companies put out there is well-balanced, accurate and based on current best evidence. 

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