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Can you have too much whiz or bang?

With sales teams across Australia moving towards tablet detailing, brand managers and multi-channel marketing teams are scrambling to find the right solution for their needs.

Most customers probably have their own iPad and are used to interacting with engaging dynamic content, so the novelty factor has gone and the temptation is to pack in more whiz and bang to get their attention. Mistake!

Don't get us wrong: we think eDetailing is the way to go and offers numerous advantages over the retro paper version. We just think it's important not to overdo the whiz and bang and lose sight of the story you are trying to tell. Your eDetailer should enhance the storytelling - not distract from it. Call us today; let ZEST help you tell your story!

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On demand learning

eLearning is an increasingly popular option for healthcare professionals and patients whose busy lives mean they want to choose when and where they learn. And for education providers, eLearning provides a cost-effective way of delivering engaging content to a widespread audience.

With many Australians already able to access rich multi-media content, the introduction of the National Broadband Network (NBN) over the next few years will see the demand for immersive, high-definition online learning skyrocket. Let ZEST help you explore this exciting new frontier!

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On the go with apps and good-looking websites

If you have been to any tech conferences recently you'll know that the buzz is all about mobile. Due to the phenomenal uptake of smart phones, it's only going to be a year or two before more people are accessing the web via their phones than a desktop computer. This is huge! If you’ve ever tried viewing a regular website on your phone, you probably found it a less than satisfactory experience – mobile optimisation is key if you want to keep your audience engaged. And don't even get us started on the uptake of apps and their importance in education and everyday living. Let ZEST's Digital team develop a mobile strategy for you today!

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