Case study: What contraceptive are you?

What contraceptive are you?

Women looking for a hormonal contraceptive often ask their GP for a prescription for the pill without realising that there are other options that might suit them better.

Our campaign for Schering Plough aimed to raise awareness of all the options available and encouraged women to make an appointment with their doctor to talk specifically about contraception – rather than tacking it on to the end of a consult about something else.

Traffic was driven to an engaging website via robust SEO and SEM strategies and nationwide broadcast media and then an online quiz produced a 'Dear Doctor' letter for women to print and take to their next appointment.

Coinciding with the first Sex in the City movie, we tapped into the zeitgeist of the moment and asked our audience to identify with one of our campaign characters. Confident and successful, our four 'faces' each chose a different contraceptive to fit their lifestyles.

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